When baby walks on Tip toes

When baby walks on Tip toes

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When baby walks on Tip toes
Posted in 2015

Toe walking is common for most babies as they take their first steps. Walking on tiptoes should disappear by the time a child is between ages 2 and 3. Many babies practice walking on tiptoe as they are first learning to walk. Only later, after 6 to 12 months or so of practice, will they learn to walk with a mature heel-to-toe gait.
Usually walking on tiptoes is not a problem. But if toe walking persists beyond the age of 2 or is done constantly, see your child's doctor for advice. Persistent toe walking, or toe walking on only one foot, can be a sign of a central nervous system problem and should be evaluated.
My advise
1...  I am telling you that you can prevent birth defects with your Healthy food.
2...  When the mother before and after pregnancy doesn't take Sufficient  proteins than the child may suffer with this problem. So Eat well and prevent such births

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