Depression in Pregnancy

Depression and poor sleep in Pregnancy

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Depression and poor sleep in Pregnancy
Posted in 2014

Depression during pregnancy is another risk factor for birth complications. Researchers sought to understand how poor sleep among pregnant women might influence birth-related complications, and what, if any, role depression might play in this relationship. Researchers included 168 pregnant women in their study. Some were depressed and others were not. At 20 weeks and again at 30 weeks gestation, researchers evaluated the women’s sleep and immune system functioning. They collected information about sleep through interviews. In order to assess the women’s immune function, researchers measured levels of cytokine production.  Cylokines are communication molecules that are involved in regulating the body’s immune responses. The over-production of certain cytokines is a sign of elevated levels of inflammation in the body, and a signal that the body’s immune system is not working properly. Researchers found:
  • Poor sleep and depression were both associated with increased risk for birth complications, when found separately and together.
  • Among the women evaluated, those with both depression and poor sleep were at the greatest risk for complications including pre-term birth and low birth weight.
  • At 20 weeks of pregnancy, depressed women had higher levels of cytokines than non-depressed women. By 30 weeks, the differences in cytokine levels between depressed and non-depressed women had disappeared. Researchers concluded this was likely because of a natural rise in cytokine production over the course of pregnancy.

My advise
1...  Poor sleep and depression were both risk for birth complications.
2...  Always keep your mind cool and positive so that you will have sound sleep and no depression.

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