Birth defects .... Obstruction of Urinary tract 4

Birth defects ....  Obstruction of Urinary tract 4

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Birth defects ....  Obstruction of Urinary tract 1
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Ureteropelvic junction (UPJ) obstruction is caused by a constriction at the top of the ureter,
where it intersects with the renal pelvis, which is the part of the kidney that collects the urine
before it starts down the ureter.  This can occur because of a constricting band of fibrous
(scar-like) tissue or from a crossing blood vessel.  Though it is generally present at birth,

sometimes it is so mild as to not cause a problem, but the obstruction may worsen with
time later in infancy or in childhood as a result of changing relationships of the structures of
the urinary tract and of surrounding tissues as growth occurs.   A band of tissue or blood
vessel near the ureter may impinge on the ureter with time and growth.    This is usually a
unilateral finding, but it can be bilateral, and it also is associated with problems with the
other kidney.  Multicystic dysplastic kidneys are associated with a UPJ obstruction of the
other kidney.  Twenty percent of babies with a multicystic dysplastic kidney have a UPJ
obstruction of the other kidney.
UPJ obstruction usually must be fixed surgically.  The surgery is safe and successful,
requiring only 2-3 days in the hospital.  Generally if it is discovered in the newborn period
and is unilateral, the surgery is postponed a month or two until the baby is stable and
growing and doing well.
Ureterovesical (UVJ) obstruction is much less frequent than is UPJ obstruction, and like UPJ
obstruction, can be unilateral or bilateral.    It is an abnormality in the insertion of the ureter
into the bladder, blocking the flow of the urine into the bladder, and is fixed by surgically
reinserting the ureter into the bladder, the same as is done for vesicoureteral reflux (see
hydronephrosis without obstruction).

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