Birth defects .... Cystic Diseases Kidney problem 3

Birth defects .... Cystic Diseases Kidney problem 3

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Birth defects .... Cystic Diseases Kidney problem 3
Posted in 2013

Most of the time when cystic kidney disease is mentioned, polycystic kidney disease (PKD)
comes to mind.   There are two types of polycystic kidney disease are:   autosomal
dominant disease (ADPKD), formerly called adult PKD, and autosomal recessive PKD.   
Let me give you a mini-genetics lesson to help explain the two diseases.    Each of us has
a set of genes from each parent, so we have a double of every gene.  In diseases where the

trait is dominant, getting an abnormal gene from either parent gives you the disease.   So in the
typical case of a parent with a dominant disease, the parent got one normal gene from one
parent who was healthy and an abnormal gene from a parent with the disease.      So the child 

of that parent has a 50-50 chance of getting the disease, depending on whether he got the 
diseased gene or the healthy one.  Having one gene with the disease means you have the
disease.   In the case of parents of a child with a recessive disease, both parents have one normal

and one abnormal gene, and the normal, rather than the abnormal gene, predominates.    A child of
such parents has a one out of two chance of getting the abnormal gene from each parent, or a one
out of four chance of getting an abnormal gene from both parents.  Having both genes of the set
abnormal gives the disease. So parents of the child with ARPKD are healthy and do not know that
they carry the disease until they have a child with the disease.   A parent who has ADPKD knows
that there is a 50-50 chance, one out of two of each child born to that parent having the disease.
There have been three different gene defects found that cause ADPKD.    The gene for ARPKD is
being characterized and is on chromosome 6.

Your mind is the powerful tool to avoid many defective births...  Be positive and follow healthy habits to have Healthy child...  I wish it

My advise
1...   Practice positive thinking
2..... Follow healthy habits

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