Birth defects ... Primary defects of Kidney 4

Birth defects ... Primary defects of Kidney 4

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Birth defects ... Primary defects of Kidney 4
posted in 2013

When the child has dysplasia, the tubules are affected, and they have a difficult time
reabsorbing all that they should, so the child often has a large volume of urine, and that
volume is fixed, unable to change based on the circumstance.   So, if the child has diarrhea
or poor fluid and food intake or both, the kidney is not able to reabsorb most of the
salt and water filtered and to reduce the amount of urine, as is a normal renal response. 

Instead, the child continues to make large volumes of urine and dehydration comes on very
rapidly.  (By the way, to make it a double whammy, the kidney with dysplasia, since it is
abnormal from the beginning, may be adversely affected by dehydration since
dehydration leads to decreased blood flow (carrying oxygen and nutrition) to the kidney, and

sustain further damage, temporarily or permanently.)
Dysplasia may be accompanied by hypoplasia, which means that the kidneys are unusually
small.   Hypoplasia may be isolated or linked to dysplasia

My advise
1...  I clearly explained with my articles the importance Healthy food which contain all needed nutrients to have Healthy child.
2...  I also explained importance of Oxygen and Water...  
3.... Eat the food which will consume minimum oxygen for your digestion and remaining is useful to your child for proper development of his body parts.
4...  Drink sufficient water

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