Fibre deficiency during Pregnancy...3

Fibre deficiency during Pregnancy...3

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4... Your pregnancy is a happy and beautiful to your family
Pregnancy is a beautiful phase not only for you but also for your family. Just the thought of a new member joining the family gets everybody all upbeat. With all the excitement comes the inflow of suggestions and advice on how you should adjust to the beautiful change in your life.
With the change in your lifestyle, your food habits change as well. Your hormones start working in a different way to maintain the proper growth and health of both your baby and you.
It is natural to have some health related issues, while you are expecting. Some of them are perfectly normal and expected. Constipation is one such very common problem.
5...  Benefits of Taking Fiber during Pregnancy
Consumption of fiber during pregnancy has many benefits both before and during pregnancy. Some of the benefits of fiber intake during pregnancy are as follows:
  1. Helps in the reduction or controlling of bowel movement, thus preventing constipation.
  1. Helps in preventing the glucose intolerance which may lead to gestational diabetes.
  1. It has been found that consumption of more fiber during the first trimester actually helps in reducing the preeclampsia by two-thirds
  1. Lowers the risk of cervical and ovarian cancers.


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