Birth defects .... Cystic Diseases Kidney problem 1

Birth defects .... Cystic Diseases Kidney problem 1

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Birth defects .... Cystic Diseases Kidney problem 1
Posted in 2013

Most of the cystic diseases occur in both kidneys, but in the great majority of cases a multicystic dysplastic kidney is confined to one kidney.    In this disorder, the kidney is worthless and without any functioning filters and the ureter is atretic, meaning that it stops part way down to the bladder, so is incomplete.    The "kidney", and I put it in parentheses
since it is not really a kidney, as we know it, since something went awry very early in its development and it became a group of cysts rather than a kidney.  A cyst is a fluid filled round bag-like structure.    In most cases the other kidney is normal and grows larger than a normal kidney to make up for the fact that there is only one functioning kidney.     Two
defects do occur in the functioning kidney with enough frequency to be of concern.    The first is vesicoureteral reflux (discussed previously in this article) so every infant found to have a multicystic dysplastic kidney should have a VCUG, a voiding cystourethrogram to look for
reflux.  The second is ureteropelvic junction obstruction, also discussed previously, which, if present, will have been noted on the ultrasound examination that was done to pick up the multicystic dysplastic kidney.

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1.... Follow healthy habits and avoid birth defects

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