Birth defects .... Obstruction of Urinary tract 3

Birth defects ....  Obstruction of Urinary tract 3

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Birth defects ....  Obstruction of Urinary tract 3
Posted in 2013

Development of the bladder is also affected by the blockage.   These boys frequently have
defective bladders, which divide into two types:  1) those that are thick walled and have
strong muscle so that they don't hold much and tend to spastically empty frequently, and 2)
those that are large and stretched out and hold a lot.  Boys with the latter type of bladder
have abnormal sensation, too, and often can't tell when the bladder is full.   Their very full
ladders may cause backup of urine with pressure up the ureters to the kidneys.    Boys with
either bladder type may need medication for the bladder; the former may need surgery to
augment the bladder with a piece of intestine sewn into the top to make it larger, after which, since

the intestine doesn't contract, they usually have to catheterize the bladder 5 times a
day to empty it.  Boys with the large bladders without sensation can sometimes make it by
voiding on a time schedule, since they don't get the urge to void; some need intermittent

catheterization, too.    There are some boys whose bladders work fairly well, but I think that
one should always be aware of bladder function in these boys.   The bladder dysfunction
may play a role in making kidney function worse than it would be with good bladder
function, so it needs to be watched indefinitely.  Bladder dysfunction can also damage a

transplanted kidney.

My advise
1...  Follow healthy habits and give birth to Healthy child

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