Pregnancy Brain....2

Pregnancy Brain....2

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Pregnancy Brain....2
Posted on 26th June 2018

There have been some studies, however, that have assessed the memory skills of pregnant women. In 2008, research out of Australia found that pregnant women performed just as well on memory tasks in the lab as nonpregnant women did, but the pregnant women didn't do as well on similar tasks at home. As the researchers told The Guardian that year, these results made the team think that some of a mother’s forgetfulness could be due to the drastic schedule and life adjustments pregnancy creates.
To Marci Lobel, a psychologist who focuses on pregnancy at Stony Brook University in New York, these social explanations for "pregnancy brain" make sense.
"I'm always wary about pathologizing women's health experiences, and attributing weaknesses (such as 'forgetting') to pregnancy itself when in all likelihood, they're attributable to the social, financial, relationship and other strains that pregnant women may be experiencing," Lobel told Live Science in an email. Some women mention these and other stressors, such as adjusting to an unintended pregnancy or anxiety over single parenthood, as contributing to symptoms of depression, which affect about 25 percent of expecting mothers.

My advise
1....  Your mind needs rest and without any tentions
2....   Then your child brain develop in systematic way
3...    Don't depress your self .   It will give great impact on your child's brain.

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