Magnesium and miscarriage

Magnesium and miscarriage

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Magnesium and miscarriage
Posted in 2015

Magnesium and Miscarriage

Low magnesium associated with miscarriage

Compared with controls, a significant decrease in magnesium, with increase of the calcium/magnesium ratio, was found in miscarriage.

Low magnesium, phosphorus found in threatened miscarriage
The study showed symptoms of threatened miscarriage  are related to decreased concentrations of inorganic phosphorus, magnesium, total protein and albumin and reduced activity of total alkaline phosphatase activity (alkaline phosphatases are most effective in an alkaline environment). Women who did not undergo miscarriage showed significantly higher inorganic phosphorus concentration compared to those who lost pregnancy, what might be of prognostic value. 

100% of previously infertile women gave birth after normalizing magnesium levels

After a further two months of 200 micrograms daily oral selenium as selenomethionine and oral magnesium supplements, all six women normalized their RBC-Mg (P < 0.0001) and RBC-GSH-Px (P < 0.0001) levels. All 12 previously infertile women have produced normal healthy babies all conceiving within eight months of normalizing their red blood cell magnesium levels (600 mg/day magnesium). Selenium supplementation (200mcg) was necessary for 6 of the women to normalize their red blood cell magnesium levels.

Magnesium deficiency linked to miscarriage and birth defects

Some studies suggest that magnesium deficiency may play a role in miscarriage of diabetic women, in fetal malformations and in the pathogenesis of neonatal hypocalcemia of the infants of diabetic mothers.

My advise
1...  Magnesium deficiency during pregnancy may cause miscarriage
2..   It has been found that Magnesium  calcium and phosphorus deficiency jointly can cause miscarriage
3..   Conceiving means you are giving birth to a child.  It is the happiest moment in your life.  So take care of  your health keeping in mind about your unborn child.
4...  Eat healthy and give birth to Healthy child.

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