Birth defects .... Metabolic diseases .. Kidney 3

Birth defects .... Metabolic diseases .. Kidney  3

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Birth defects .... Metabolic diseases .. Kidney 3
Posted in 2013

Oxalosis is another rare disease.   In this disease the liver cells lack an enzyme (an active protein)
that breaks down oxalate, which is a compound made in the natural functioning of the liver cell.
Oxalate then accumulates, spills into blood, links with calcium, and calcium oxalate deposits in 
the kidney and then in tissues all over the body. The kidney is first, since the kidney tries to get
rid of the excess calcium oxalate out of the blood by filtering it out, and in the process the kidney 
is stopped up with calcium oxalate,    Deposits of crystals are found throughout the kidney and
stones form also.   When there is little or no enzyme in the liver to break down oxalate, the
problems ensue quickly in infancy and complete kidney failure can be seen in the first year of life.
If there is some enzyme, but not enough, then kidney failure can ensue later in childhood.
In the child with oxalosis, putting in a new kidney alone is not the solution, since the new kidney
will be stopped up with calcium oxalate.   A liver transplant must be done to give the child the
enzyme to handle oxalate, and then a kidney transplant can be done.    This is one of the 
diseases that will be treated with gene therapy.  If the gene could be placed in the liver to tell 
it how to break down oxalate, then there would be no problem, as the liver is otherwise normal.
Other metabolic diseases that may lead to kidney failure include:
Lowe's syndrome, the mitochondrial myopathies, particularly cytochrome C oxidase deficiency,
certain glycogen storage diseases, ect...........

My advise
1...  Practice long breathing
2.... Eat fresh vegetables and fruits

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