Birth defects .... Cystic Diseases Kidney problem 2

Birth defects .... Cystic Diseases Kidney problem 2

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Birth defects .... Cystic Diseases Kidney problem 2
Posted in 2013

A multicystic dysplastic kidney is often picked up on prenatal ultrasound, then confirmed on
ultrasound after the baby is born.   Since the bags of cysts can be confused with severe
dilatation of the kidney related to a severe ureteropelvic junction obstruction, the doctor may
want to look at the kidneys with a nuclear renal scan to differentiate between the two.   To

do this scan, the infant is given an IV injection of a radioactive substance that shows blood
flow into the kidney and is filtered by the kidney.   The multicystic dysplastic kidney has no
blood flow and no function, but the kidney with obstruction has blood flowing through it.   The
amount of radioactivity given is no more than one receives getting a standard X-ray.
So the infant felt to have a multicystic dysplastic kidney generally has two tests done, a
VCUG and a nuclear renal scan.   If an associated problem such as reflux or UPJ
obstruction is found, they are treated as noted above, with the need for treatment being
related to the severity of the problem.   The multicystic dysplastic kidney itself is followed
with serial ultrasound examinations at intervals over time.  Most of the time the cysts shrink

progressively and after a few years the end result is a small nubbin of scar tissue which
causes no problem   If the cysts do not shrink, which happens in a few cases, then the
kidney may need to be removed surgically.

My advise
1....  More than 95% birth defects can be avoided if couples follows healthy habits before conceiving.
2...   Couple should practice positive thinking before conceiving it will avoid remaining.
3....  Follow Healthy habits and practice positive thinking before conceiving

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