Pregnancy Brain ..... 3

Pregnancy Brain ..... 3

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Pregnancy Brain ..... 3
Posted on 26th June 2018

Clearly, there are many possible concerns that can crowd out a woman's brain during pregnancy, and these thoughts may make it difficult to remember certain things. And if there is a neurological explanation, it might simply be part of the way the body reallocates some resources to the development of parenting skills — shifts that are part of a normal, healthy pregnancy, Pawluski said.
What's important, she added, is that even if there's not a strong scientific explanation for why your brain feels foggier, that doesn't mean your experience isn't valid or real. "If you think you're forgetting a lot, but I tell you you're not, that can cause a lot of anxiety," Pawluski said.
So, go ahead — acknowledge that you might need a little more help remembering appointments and other things while you're expecting. No one will blame you for carrying around an extra notepad.
Originally published on Live Sciency.
My advise
1...  During your pregnancy you can develop your child's skill and you can teach on mythological great stories, your experiences etc.....
2...  Your child will be a person of great morals, knowledge in various field etc...
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