Vitamin E is important during your Pregnancy...4

Vitamin E is important during your Pregnancy...4

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11...  Vitamin E is Safe during your pregnancy
Although necessary for your own health and your baby’s growth, it’s important to consume vitamin E supplements in safe doses during pregnancy – that means not too much and not too little5.
The recommended intake of vitamin E is 3mg per day. This amount should be achievable by eating a well-balanced diet, which is preferable to taking high-dose supplements.  It has been observed that an adequate intake of vitamin E when pregnant might help to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. It has also been linked to a reduced likelihood of developing asthma and respiratory issues later in life.  
My Advise
1.  Since last 15 years I am telling you to follow Healthy food to avoid defective births.  Daily I am receiving mails/ messages why the child is defective?  Once you decided to give birth to Healthy child then you should follow healthy habits, healthy food to avoid defective births.  Every one who take care before and after pregnancy can give birth to Healthy child.
2.. Every birth defect is caused due to deficiency of nutrients or unhealthy habits of the mother or unhealthy life style.
3.  I advise every couple to follow Healthy food, healthy life style etc... when you want to give birth to a child...i.e. before conceiving..  

4.. Follow and wait to enjoy with


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