Fibre deficiency during Pregnancy...4

Fiber deficiency during Pregnancy...4

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7...  Why do we need to eat fibre?

It used to be called “roughage”, and people tried to get rid of it.  Now we have heard plenty about it, but why do we need fibre in our diet?
Dietary fibre is actually a form of  carbohydrate that does not get digested by enzymes in our small intestine, and so its sugar units are not absorbed into the bloodstream.  Dietary fibre is therefore known as ‘non-glyceami"‘.
However, fibre has important effects on other nutrients within the small intestine and through effects on the large intestine, where few other nutrients arrive intact.  It has a range of valuable health effects:
  • Smooths out digestion and absorption of glucose and fats in the small intestine.  It reduces the Glycaemic index of a meal.
  • Provides fuel for the healthful or  good bacteria in our large intestine  which in turn benefit us by making Vitamin B12, and by releasing volatile fatty acids from the dietary fibre which are important for the health of our colon.
  • Speeds up transit though the intestines to remove waste and toxins from our body
  • Regulates bowel action, so reduces cancer risks.
My advice
1.  I have seen many children born with skin problems, infections etc...The main cause is pollution before birth.  If mother takes Fiber as needed it can be prevented.
2.  I am always telling you. PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN prevent the above health problems to your child.
3..  Fibre is available in your food.  Take healthy food  and wait to enjoy with


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