Folate deficiency during Pregnancy...3

Folate deficiency during Pregnancy...3

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11...  Folate is a Vitamin B9
Folate, also known vitamin B9, is one of many essential vitamins needed for copying and synthesizing DNA, producing new cells, and supporting nerve and immune functions. As a water-soluble B vitamin, it’s naturally present in some foods, added to others and available as a dietary supplement in the form of folic acid.

Studies show that a diet high in Folate rich in your healthy food can help prevent cancer, heart disease, birth defects, anemia and cognitive decline. Are you getting enough folate from your diet?
12....Symptoms of Folate Deficiency
Folate deficiency can be a serious problem, although in most developed nations it’s not nearly as common of a nutrient deficiency as some others. According to USDA analyses of data in 2006, the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey found that most people in the United States obtain adequate amount of Folage, although some groups are still at risk of obtaining insufficient amounts.
Mean dietary intakes of folate (including food folate and folic acid from fortified foods and supplements) range from 454 to 652 micrograms per day in U.S. adults and from 385 to 674 micrograms in children. Keep in mind that adults need about 400 micrograms daily, and children need roughly 300 micrograms.


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