Folate deficiency during Pregnancy...4

Folate deficiency during Pregnancy...4

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13...  Common signs or health problems of Folate deficiency
  1. Poor immune function; frequently getting sick
  2. Chronic low energy (including chronic fatigue syndrom)
  3. Poor digestion; issues like constipation, bloating and IBS
  4. Developmental problems during pregnancy and infancy, including stunted growth
  5. Anemia
  6. Canker sores in the mouth and a tender, swollen tongue
  7. Changes in mood, including irritability
  8. Pale skin
  9. Premature hair graying
Keep in mind that some people are at higher risks of experiencing folate deficiency than others. Groups who should be particularly careful to get enough folate naturally from their diets include:
  • Pregnant women or women looking to become pregnant
  • Breast-feeding mothers
  • Alcoholics
  • Anyone with liver disease
  • Anyone on kidney dialysis
  • Anyone taking medications for diabetes
  • Those frequently using diuretics or laxatives 
  • Anyone taking methotrexate
If you find above symptoms then assume you need Folate.  It is available in your Healthy food.

My Advice
1...  You might have seen some people whose some of their body part is not working properly because the part doesn't receive signals from brain as the nerve is compressed in Spinal cord.
2.    You might have seen Electrical Wires from the Meter are in a Pipe so that no wire is compressed or damaged.  Here all our nerves are surrounded by spinal cord.   The nerves are bringing the signals from the brain if any one nerve is compressed due to spinal cord defect the concerned part is defective.
3.    Every woman should take Folate before and during pregnancy of their pregnancy.  It is available in your Healthy food.
4.   Now take proper care and wait to enjoy with your


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