Calcium is important for You and Ur unborn child..5

Calcium is important for You and Ur unborn child..5

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9..  Dietary Sources of Calcium
Depending on the culture, the biggest sources of calcium include milk and dairy products, fish with bones and soy and soy products. Other good dietary sources of calcium include almonds, orange juice, dried figs, green leafy vegetables, fortified cereals and some dried beans. Remember that vitamin D is vital for the body to process calcium, so make sure you also get adequate amounts of this vitamin from your diet. Experts generally recommend that people, especially children, get their calcium from dietary sources but in some cases a doctor may recommend supplementation.

10..  Potential Interactions of Calcium Supplements with other Substances
Some medications may interact poorly with calcium supplements, including:
  • Aluminum or magnesium containing antacids
  • Antibiotics such as fluoroquinolone or tetracycline
  • Anticonvulsants such as phenytoin
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs such as glucocorticoids
  • Diuretics such as thiazide
  • Drugs used to treat thyroid condition such as levothyroxine
  • Heart medications such as Digoxin
  • Mineral oil or stimulant laxatives
My Advise
1.  I have seen many children born with bone defects, after birth it cannot be treated
2.  Some minerals have adverse effects of Calcium.  Avoid them
3.  Your healthy food such as Vegetables, fruits, grains etc.. will have Calcium.  Therefore you need not depend on Medicines.
4.  Take healthy food and wait to enjoy with


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