Low level Iron may affect your Fertility .2

Low level Iron may affect your Fertility .2

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2...  Low Iron Levels May Affect Your Fertility
Most women know the importance of getting enough iron once they are pregnant, but did you know that failing to get enough iron before conception can keep you from getting pregnant?
Studies have shown that women who do not get sufficient amounts of iron may suffer anovulation (lack of ovulation) and possibly poor egg health, which can inhibit pregnancy at a rate 60% higher than those with sufficient iron stores in their blood.
When the blood does not get enough iron, anemia, or an insufficient number of red blood cells, may develop. Since it is these red blood cells that deliver oxygen to all of the body’s tissue and organs including the ovaries and uterus, this deficiency may cause the eggs stored in the ovaries to weaken over time and become unviable. Worse yet, should conception occur, anemia makes it impossible for the growing fetus’ cells to divide and grow properly. This may result in a miscarriage in some cases.
3...  The symptoms of anemia are easy to spot including:
  • mild to severe fatigue
  • chronic headaches
  • dizziness
  • brittle or weak nails
  • decreased appetite
  • low blood pressure
When suspecting an iron deficiency or even anemia, most doctors will perform a simple blood test called a CBC to check hemoglobin (red blood cell) levels. If an iron deficiency is found, the patient may be instructed to increase her intake of iron rich foods and take a supplement to ward off the health and fertility affects of low iron.
If you do find out that you have low levels of iron, bringing your levels back up to a healthy level is simple. Increasing the iron in your diet can make all the difference (eating beets, spinach, beans, animal meats, pumpkin seeds, molasses, asparagus). Make sure to also include foods that help the absorption of iron like oranges, strawberries, broccoli, tomatoes and green peppers.
In addition to eating a diet rich in iron, taking a whole food iron supplement makes a huge difference. One of the best iron supplements available for women finding it difficult to get pregnant and have low iron levels is blood builder a 100% whole iron food, with synergistic nutrients and organic beet root to help strengthen and purify the blood. Designed to help the body maintain a healthy level of iron, it is easy to tolerate with a non-binding formula (this means no constipation and no toxic accumulation of iron on the body) that is easy on the stomach.
Another important factor when looking at using an iron supplement is to make sure that it includes synergistic nutrients that are necessary for iron absorption and utilization. These nutrients are B12, Folate (folic acid) and vitamin C. Blood Builder includes all of these important nutrients in a whole food state.


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