Give birth to a Professional

Give birth to a Professional

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Give birth to a Professional
Posted in 25th March 2015
Give birth to a Child with GOOD PROFESSIONAL
I have seen thousands of Children interested in various kinds of education. Some children are Healthy but poor in their Mental condition. I observed in some families that members are of different Mentalities and different professions..I also seen some children are Healthy and Brilliant but they used their intelligence in negative aspect and became criminals or undesired professionals. Their parents are so sad with them. According to my opinion every couple should have a child with good behavior
, intelligent. They may settle in any respectable profession as Players, Singers, Directors, Doctors, Engineers, Scientists etc.. I studied Astrologically on profession and I found which planet cause which profession. I guided some couples to have sex at a particular moment to give birth to HEALTHY AND BRILLIANT child and observed their planetary position. I noted all. When I observed the child birth and planetary moments at the time of Sex. Planetary moments of the couple and birth planets of the child are some common planets. When I calculated Birth chart of the child some planets shows his profession. Thus I came to know that we will have a child with HEALTH and with GOOD PROFESSION. Read my blogs to know the details of profession according to Planetary combination.
My advise
1... We guide every couple to have Intelligent child. It depend on coupes food habits and life style. Oxygen and water plays important to develop cells. If you follow our guidance strictly you can give birth to a great professional.
2.. According to medical astrology professions are depend planetary position as under For medical profession Sun is the most important along with other planetary combinations.
a.... Sun+saturn+ other.....Surgeon depending on planetary combinattion
b.. Sun+Venus......Diabetes n physician
c.... Sun+Mars+Saturn....Surgeon with blood related
d...... Sun+Saturn+Jupiter.... Surgeon with lever related
e.... Sun+Saturn+Mercury.. Surgeon with brain related
f.... Sun+saturn+Moon..... Same as above
3... For Engineering profession Mercury is important
a... Mercury+Sun........ Chemicals related engineer
b..... Mercury+Saturn....Iron related
c.... Mercury+Mars... Heat or red color related
d.. Mercury+Jupiter .. Food related
4.. For Scientist or research Saturn is important..Depend on other combinations research line is depend.
5... I wish every child should be settled in respective profession.

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