Alcohol should be avoided for Healthy fertility

Alcohol should be avoided for Healthy fertility

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Alcohol should be avoided for Healthy fertility
Posted in 2013

Study results are clear, alcoholic beverages should be avoided while trying to conceive. If you already struggle with fertility issues and you are wondering if consuming alcoholic beverages is contributing to your troubles, it may be time to quit. It is also time to quit if you know you have a drinking problem. If you drink regularly, especially more than 5 drinks or more a week, quitting can be very difficult and will require help from family, friends and possibly your health care practitioner, or counselor. Quitting alcohol is going to increase your fertility overall, as well as your long-term health.
For women, quitting prior to trying to conceive will help you to avoid alcohol during pregnancy, where the risks of negative impact on the health of your pregnancy and baby go up. Men who desired to support their partners in creating a healthy child should also avoid alcohol while trying to conceive. Couples who are going for expensive infertility procedures such as IVF, should definitely quit drinking alcohol, at least 3-6 months prior to any procedure. The cost of medical infertility procedures can be very high. It is not worth the risk of possibly impairing the outcome of the procedure by regularly consuming alcohol.
My advise
1...  Avoid alcohol and have healthy fertility
2...  Follow healthy habits

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