Why my child born week?

Why my child born week?

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Why my child born week?
Posted in 2014

Pregnant woman has to take 1. Healthy food 2. Water and 3. Air (oxygen) as required to Mother'body and unborn child's body. If lack of any will give Defective Births.
In this case I found all above are lacking. I will explain U 1. Mother"s food is insufficient to the Baby ... the Bone structure, body, blood ...all parts are not developed before birth 2. Water plays important role to circulate the Blood and 3. Air plays an important role to expand the unborn child's body.

My advise
1...  I advise every couples to fill their bodies needed nutrients to conceive
2...  Mother should supply nutrients to her child till delivery
3...  The requirement of nutrients to your child increased daily
4..   The mother should supply Oxygen, water and healthy food to the child as needed.

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