Relation between Fertility and food

Relation between Fertility and food

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Relation between Fertility and food
Posted in April 2018
Even if we accept these findings as important enough to direct our dietary choices, we still need to answer some basic questions:
How much folic acid or B12 is best? Is there an advantage to taking a supplement rather than relying on dietary sources?
Which sources of and how many servings of dietary omega-3 fatty acids are best? How should a woman balance the risk of fish contamination with toxins such as mercury?
Are there some people who need to pay more attention to these dietary recommendations than others?
What about other components of the diet? Fear not, researchers are hard at work looking at this question. For example, consider the results of three other recently published studies:
Consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages (especially sodas or energy drinks) was linked to lower fertility for men and women, while drinking diet soda and fruit juice had no effect.
Women who consumed high amounts of fast food and little fruit tool took longer to become pregnant than those with healthier diets.
Couples eating more seafood were pregnant sooner than those rarely eating seafood. Most pregnant women consume far less than the recommended 2 to 3 servings of lower-mercury fish (such as salmon, scallops, and shrimp) per week.
See food contain mercury should be minimized or eat per week or.later.
My advise
1... Couple's who do not follow healthy food will face infertility problems.
2... Couple's who eat fast food, unhealthy food etc.. may take longer time to conceive or may face infertility problems.
3.. Couple's who drinks soft drinks also faces infertility problems or longer time to conceive.
4... Couple's who eat see food can conceive early provided they cook they avoid spices and more oil.
5... See food contain mercury should be minimized or eat per week or.later.
6.. Follow healthy food and wait to enjoy with your child
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