Medical experts advise on Fertility

Medical experts advise on Fertility

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Medical experts advise on Fertility
Posted in April 2018

Many doctors recommend that women of childbearing age who are not using contraception take a prenatal vitamin daily. At the very least, women who are planning a pregnancy should take a prenatal vitamin at least a month before trying to conceive. A higher than usual dose of folic acid may be recommended for certain women, depending on the medications they take and other medical conditions they have. Doctors also recommend the following to maximize the chances of a healthy pregnancy:
  • Try to maintain a healthy weight prior to conception. Obese women have a higher risk of complications.
  • Avoid excessive vitamins before conception. Too much vitamin A, for example, can be bad for a developing fetus.
  • Consider seeing your doctor for a “preconception” visit to review what you can do to optimize your chances of a successful pregnancy. For example, certain medications are harmful to the developing fetus and should be stopped well before planning a pregnancy.
And just in case it’s not obvious, don’t rely on research regarding diet and fertility to prevent pregnancy. An unhealthy diet and avoiding supplemental vitamins or omega-3 fatty acids is not a form of birth control.

My advise
1...  Follow above to conceive
2...  Follow healthy habits, healthy food etc...

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