If U are Pregnant than take care in Summer

If U are Pregnant than take care in Summer

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If U are Pregnant than take care in Summer
Posted in 2015

It's hot, it's humid, and you're pregnant. True, that can be a recipe for misery, but there are ways to cope.
"I always have tremendous sympathy for women whose babies are due in the summer or early fall," says Debra Gilbert Rosenberg, LCSW, author of the recently released The New Mom's Companion: Care for Yourself While You Care for Your Newborn
"Heat and humidity, while unpleasant for most people, take a greater toll on pregnant women."

'Heat Intolerance'

Adelaide Nardone, MD, an ob-gyn in Providence, Rhode Island, and medical advisor to the Vagisil  Women's health Center, explains that when you're pregnant your body temperature is already a bit higher than normal, so added heat from the outside temperature is bound to make you feel uncomfortable.
"Pregnant women already have some degree of heat intolerance," says Nardone, who advises moms-to-be to pay attention to the heat warnings. If the heat index (meaning how hot the temperature feels because of the combination of heat and humidity) is in the 90s, that's a good day to be indoors as much as possible with the air conditioning turned on. A cool, damp washcloth applied to the back of your neck, your forehead, or the top of your head is also a good way to keep your body temperature down.
My advise
1...Due to overheat of your body your unborn child feels in comfortable.  2..When you are pregnant your body temperature is more, during summer it will peak stage.   Due to overheat your child may face many health problems including skin diseases.  3.  To avoid it Drink sufficient water 
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