Energy you require....4

Energy you require....4

Brought to U....      and

6...  Your body is spending energy
What ever work you do your body will spend the energy you gained with your food.  As I told you in my previous topics your body is spending energy for breathing, cleaning, repairing etc..Even when you are sleeping your body spending energy for its continuous process.

7 ..   If you are Pregnant
Your body needs energy to maintain all your body activities besides it also require additional energy for your unborn child's body.  For this you have to take additional food for your unborn child.  As days are passing your unborn child's body requirements are increasing.
According to that You have take food.  As I told U many times that OXYGEN requires to proper functioning of your blood flow, digestion etc..  But you cannot take additional OXYGEN but you have to adjust it for your body and your unborn child's body.  For this you have to choose your food which will consume minimum oxygen and remaining oxygen is useful to your unborn child.

My Advise
1.   Select the food which will give you more energy 
2..  Select the food which will consume less oxygen
3..  Select the food which will not give dullness or heavy to your body
4..  Select the food which will give U sound sleep
then U will be healthy and Ur unborn child will grow healthy which results to enjoy


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