Energy you require....2

Energy you require....2

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4.. Your body Sends Signals
When the energy gained with your food is exhausted with spending by way of doing work your body sends signals to fill energy with your Food.  Generally we called it as Hungry.   At this stage it still posses energy to wait some more time like the fuel stored in Reserve.   But if you will not  fill the fuel i.e. food it uses the energy stored in it.  When the complete energy is exhausted you will be unconscious.   It is system of your body.

5..  Human body consist of Five layers of Energy
The human body consists of five layers of energy. The first layer is your physical body - the body that you can touch and see reflected in a mirror. The outer four layers of energy which surround this first layer are commonly referred to collectively as your aura. Together, these five layers or energy bodies are the human energy field. An energy medicine practitioner evaluates and treats all layers of the human energy field, not solely the physical layer.
It takes someone who has clairvoyant ability to see the second, third, fourth, and fifth layers. Also, they may look visually different from one individual to another. The layers can also be perceived in different ways that do not involve third eye visualization. For example, their energies can be sensed via touch, scent, or sound. These are living energies, they have a pulse that can be measured.
They are 
a..  The Physical Energy Body
  1. This is the layer that we generally think of as our physical selves. Although we think of our bodies as a package consisting of flesh, bone, organs, and blood, our physical bodies are also energy, same as the other layers of the body that most people cannot see or sense on a physical level.


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